What Makes A Good Entertainer?

There is a misunderstanding of what makes a "Good Entertainer"
Some Guys Need To Step It Up!

I Would Read This Carefully


Most guys think its all about the "performance." This may be the case on stage but NOT for companies like Omen and other online companies who mainly focus on private parties.

These so called "best performers" often arrive at parties with a sense of entitlement and attitude which turns clients off.

These so called "best performers in the busines" who have been doing this for more than 10-15 years get more complaints than the rookies! Thats Crazy!


Recognize that there is a new breed of guys on the rise who are CRUSHING the veteran entertainers dollar for dollar.

Veterans seem to have the most difficulty obtaining the $200 tip minimum but the rookies do not! Thats Crazy!

There are 1758 applicants in my email inbox. Many are eager to work hard, listen and learn. 

Many possess all of the attributes that many jaded veterans with attitudes have lost.


Many guys can learn a lot from these new guys.

They treat this business like any other job, follow, instructions and listen carefully.

These guys are so easy to mold and develop and need no formal training!


Below I have listed the attributes in order of importance of what makes the "BEST ENTERTAINER FOR PRIVATE PARTIES."

Please notice where "good performance" is on this list.


  1. Ability to follow instructions / attention to detail
  2. Educated and effective communicator
  3. Thoroughly understands and follows everything outlined in Omen Orientation
  4. Appreciative of Omen opportunity
  5. Low maintenance (minimal calls and texts to agent)
  6. Gets payables in by Sunday/Monday
  7. Responds and confirms party requests quickly
  8. Takes care of body and appearance
  9. Arrives to parties on time
  10. Arrives to parties prepared (good hygiene, costume, music etc)
  11. Delivers great customer service to client
  12. Delivers good performance and memorable time for clients

Remember… You dont have to be the "Best Performer" to be the best "Entertainer."
The best Entertainers get the most private parties and make the most money. NOT the best "Performers."